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Delivering highly effective, measurable and structured mentoring programmes to cultivate great people in your organisation. 

Mentoring is one of the most powerful, sustainable, and cost-effective ways to improve employee engagement, performance and retention.

At ETC Mentoring we partner with organisations to optimise your mentoring programmes.

(According to the ‘2021 Microsoft Work Trend Index’ 40% of the global work force is considering leaving their employer this year). 

Our award-winning platform gives organisations the ability to collect and extract valuable analytics and insights that can be used to create a more engaged and empowered workforce, benefiting the organisation as a whole.

We focus on 5 key areas to offer our clients an end-to-end solution for greater impact:






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More than ever, with the impact of Covid disrupting ‘normal’ work patterns, now is the time to be investing in the well-being and personal development of your employees. 

Well-designed mentoring programmes have been proven to increase employee engagement, improve productivity, reduce attrition and absenteeism. It also helps create a leader as coach culture within a firm leading to an improved workplace culture and company bottom line.

The ETC Partners


Supporting these areas of focus is Chronus Mentor, the award-winning market leading mentoring platform used by over 1.5m people worldwide.

The market leading mentoring software enables organisations to efficiently, provide measurable data, and drive more successful outcomes that is simply not possible when done manually. Additionally, it facilitates the enrolment process, ensures successful matching and guides the mentoring relationship.

Importantly, automating these tasks hugely reduces the administrative burden for the organisation. 

To read more about the recent US$78m private equity investment into Chronus, click below...

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